Mama Joy talk here. Keeping it real. These are my original thoughts that I truly feel like the Lord inspired me to write down and share. It’s for Alex, Hope, Chris, for me, and for anyone else who needs encouragement.

Over the last few days, I’ve continually had this thought running through my mind. I thought, “Ooh, that’s good. I need to post that!” Then I’d chicken out and not post it. Finally, I decided to wrap my thoughts together and say what was on my heart. I shared the following on my Facebook page and almost immediately began to receive comments and messages from people saying this message was exactly what they needed to hear. I pray that you’ll be blessed by them, too…

Keep being great. Your natural abilities will create some haters in this life. Period. Those people may not understand you; they may dislike you; and depending on how inherently selfish they are, they may not respect you. Keep being great anyway. Do what you’re called to do. If you’re naturally gifted to do something, people who want what you have are coveting what God gave you. Their jealousy is not your fault; it’s just that even despite their very best efforts, they can’t create what was created in you. Your “great” makes their “good” look bad. Keep being great anyway. The gifting is for God’s glory — not your own. (Oh! They won’t get that either; they’ll judge you to make themselves feel better any way they can, and they’ll talk about you to others to try and make themselves look better. Keep being great anyway.❤️)

If you read this and wondered if it was about you, it wasn’t. The Lord just laid this on my heart over the last few days. If you thought it was about you, pray with me: “Lord, help me to always celebrate the skillful and wonderful creation you’ve created in others!” You’ll feel so much more JOY in your life!