Do you see this post?

I have an honest question. If my mobile carrier can throttle my bandwidth when I use too much of my “unlimited” data (throttle = slow down the bandwidth), couldn’t Facebook also throttle certain posts to prevent them from being seen?

The answer is yes, they can. The technology exists. (See this ad article from 2018: Also toss in the idea that algorithms target users (watch “The Social Dilemma” available on Netflix), and there’s plenty of technology available to control who sees what information.

I’m not speaking of censorship, where posts “against community standards” are blocked. Everyone by now should know that’s a real thing. No; I’m asking specifically about throttling.

Why do I ask? There has been a stark decrease of Facebook activity on my recent posts. So I’m just curious.

Oh yeah, I just released a book and would greatly appreciate the support and encouragement of my genuine friends and family. Please help a sister tell an incredible story that’s timely — for such a time as this! Your likes on posts allow more people to see, increasing exposure. Your comments of encouragement are greatly appreciated, and your purchases help me work off the debt to the publisher (through a process called recoupment). Thanks so much for your kindness and support!

So do you see this post? Please let me know.

Here are some random pictures, just because…


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