Joy W. Fowler

November 7, 2020

Can you imagine how Queen Esther must’ve felt? She risked her very life to share inside information that would help her people — information that people within her own government knew and hid to protect their own interests. If she told what she knew and wasn’t believed — or told it to the wrong person, she risked being killed. If she told and was believed, she risked blowing it all up. The whole kingdom could potentially collapse. Perhaps the entire population may have revolted if they found out what had really been going on behind the scenes. Either way, the trust of the people may never be the same. Knowledge is not only powerful; it is painful and demands responsibility. What a tremendous burden Esther carried with the knowledge she possessed. If you’ve ever carried a burden like Esther’s before, you can understand this and testify to how difficult it is to make a decision as to which hill you want to risk dying on. If you haven’t carried a burden like Esther’s, I invite you to open your heart to the idea that you may not have all the facts about everything you see or hear. I invite you to challenge your thinking and actively explore other possibilities outside of what you are being told — no matter how much you can’t imagine or don’t want them to be true. For those in positions of influence above me who know the truth, I urge you to step up for the rest of us and be an Esther. For such a time as this. 🤍


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