The Swamp


Joy W. Fowler

November 8, 2020

We sent an outsider to DC to “drain the swamp.” Only thing is, none of us knew how deep the swamp actually was, what it actually looked like, or who was in it. What the outsider uncovered could blow up the country. There could be another revolution or civil war. At the very least, Americans would lose faith in our government. People would go to jail. (Even with the things I’ve been privy to, people should be in jail.) Trust me, those people want to avoid being exposed.

These are my theories: I believe this is part of the reason you aren’t seeing people you’d expect to see come out to defend Trump; they are part of the swamp, and their silence is deafening. Another part of that, in my opinion, is that those who know the fix is in and there was a sting operation are standing by, watching patiently. (Kind of gives new meaning to “Stand down and standby,” doesn’t it?) Some may have been given immunity for testimony. Again, this part is only my personal theory.

Consequently, the swamp has viciously turned on Trump. They’ve tried everything they know to discredit him in every way. Now they’re so desperate, they’re even turning on each other.

The main culprits are the Democrats. They’ve been practicing illegal voting for decades, and some have served jail time. However, some are in our GOP here in Georgia. I know of a couple specifically. Big money is behind it all.

The media is in on it. One of their main weapons is race baiting, which they play to the fullest.

I would guess that for the love of money and power, some who’ve known the truth have sat idly by and let it go. Others may have done the same for the love of country. They’ve spared America’s innocence, knowing that if the American people knew the depth of the deception, there would be outrage. We revolted once before over taxation without representation. The corrupt are counting on there not being enough patriots left for a revolution, and of course, if we are disarmed, then we have no means of self-protection. They have not been able to disarm us, however, and they don’t want us turning on them, so they have tried their hardest to turn us on one another. They fuel the fire to switch the narrative and confuse us as to who the real enemy is. They are masters of self-protection.

They knew they had to get in front of Justice Alito’s Friday ruling in Pennsylvania and try this case in the court of public opinion — and avoid going to jail for fraud and other things. The announcement of the computer error in Antrim County and it flipping for Trump won him Michigan — which the media refused to report. However, it got out through independent press, and we also know the software was used in the other swing states. They had to blow this up IMMEDIATELY. Consequently, they announced Biden as the winner early Saturday morning.

They are counting on their tried and true methods to work. They’ve always been able to fight because they dominated the system and controlled their network. But again, Trump was not part of their network. He had money and power already, apart from them, and had nothing to lose. He would not take their money. I believe this was as much a declaration of war as it was a depiction of honor. I believe he was making a clear line in the sand, as if to say, “You will not buy me, too.”

That is my hope for America. We need saving from ourselves and from this covert evil if we are to survive as a nation. My prayer is that if God wants to preserve America, that this evil and corruption will come to light, and that Americans’ eyes will be opened to see it all clearly.

In God we trust.


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