Kemp’s Dominion


Joy W. Fowler

November 14, 2020

I’m putting together a timeline that includes a bunch of stuff, but here’s a summary of what I’ve uncovered thus far. This was all in the AJC in 2018 and 2019.

Kemp put together a search committee in the summer of 2018 to study new voting software when he was still Secretary of State. He put Brad Raffensperger on the committee.

When Kemp was elected in November 2018, it didn’t take long for stuff to start hitting the fan. There were GA citizens who were active in feedback sessions, and there was a 100% unanimous NO vote from the citizens about implementing the new software. Texas had done an independent study on Dominion and rejected it. They easily hacked it and changed the results of their mock election in their study. They sent it flying out the door.

The Texas study is available to download from an AJC article dated in either December 2018 or January 2019, I can’t recall.

Brad Raffensperger, who’d also served on the SAFE committee, was also elected in 11/18 to be Secretary of State. Interesting.

The SAFE committee passed the vote to purchase Dominion — despite the citizen group’s vocal pleas for a pen and paper ballot — despite a $100 million+ price tag to GA residents (over the $30 million option) — and despite the strong objections and warnings from one certain committee member, Dr. Wenke Lee, who is a cyber security professor at GA Tech and was the only “computer person” on the committee. 🤔🐀

Then, come the first of January, Kemp had already started naming his appointees. Within DAYS, he had signed the deal with Dominion AND appointed former Rep. Chuck Harper to be his chief of staff. Former Rep. Harper worked for Election Systems & Software, the lobbyist group hired by — wait for it — Dominion Voting Systems Corporation.

Conflict of interest much?

It was reported that Brian Kemp literally told a state rep that the people of Georgia didn’t care about this election or integrity. He brazenly implied that we are ignorant and apathetic — that we are uneducated, can’t make a quality decision in an election, and therefore should not have the power to vote. In my opinion, Kemp really is an elitist who doesn’t deserve to be in office. His true conservative base are scratching their heads, wondering why he has “no backbone anymore.”

The answer is easy. Bureaucrats. They poison the well for everyone else when the spineless and power-hungry play into their hands. It’s David vs Goliath. What we are seeing is definitely an ordeal of Biblical proportions.

Meanwhile, there’s a ton of conspiracy theories out there, and I’m not confident which — if any of them are true. What I do know is that Joe Biden is a bureaucrat-controlled lifetime politician who has increased his personal portfolio exponentially higher than what it rightfully should’ve been as a legislator. He’s inarticulate, dishonest, and yes, possibly suffering from early Dementia. The biggest flag here is the bureaucrat-controlled part. He can be bought. He’s proven that. So he has no integrity and cannot be trusted not to eventually sell out the American people. And I personally think it’s happening right now before our eyes as globalists seek control.


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