November 15, 2020

Dominion. What an interesting choice of a name.

In early January 2019, the Georgia State Legislature voted to spend over $100 million of taxpayers’ money after the “SAFE” committee voted 13-3 for Dominion Voting Systems Corporation. One of those three NO votes was the committee’s lone cybersecurity expert, Dr. Wenke Lee, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech. Dr. Lee had advised the committee how easily the software could be hacked. Did the GOP members of the committee members squelch Dr. Lee, as they’ve been accused, as he tried to speak out and warn our legislators not to vote for this irresponsible, excessive purchase?

On January 10, 2019, Smythe DuVal, the 2018 Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State, posted on Twitter:
“Voting system replacement, @BrianKempGA SAFE Commission has only one #CyberSecurity expert, Dr. Wenke Lee. The #GaGOP members are sidelining him. #Georgia legislature is not getting sound advice. This commission is rigged to result in ES&S chosen.”

Perhaps those who brought this devil to Georgia weren’t aware just how much “dominion” would be forced upon us, or by whom, or for what purposes. Or were they?

Michelle Malkin / Michelle Malkin – Columnist digs deeper:

Brian Kemp needs to step up and make this right for Georgia — and America.

The North Gwinnett Voice

Kemp’s Dominion


Joy W. Fowler

November 14, 2020

I’m putting together a timeline that includes a bunch of stuff, but here’s a summary of what I’ve uncovered thus far. This was all in the AJC in 2018 and 2019.

Kemp put together a search committee in the summer of 2018 to study new voting software when he was still Secretary of State. He put Brad Raffensperger on the committee.

When Kemp was elected in November 2018, it didn’t take long for stuff to start hitting the fan. There were GA citizens who were active in feedback sessions, and there was a 100% unanimous NO vote from the citizens about implementing the new software. Texas had done an independent study on Dominion and rejected it. They easily hacked it and changed the results of their mock election in their study. They sent it flying out the door.

The Texas study is available to download from an AJC article dated in either December 2018 or January 2019, I can’t recall.

Brad Raffensperger, who’d also served on the SAFE committee, was also elected in 11/18 to be Secretary of State. Interesting.

The SAFE committee passed the vote to purchase Dominion — despite the citizen group’s vocal pleas for a pen and paper ballot — despite a $100 million+ price tag to GA residents (over the $30 million option) — and despite the strong objections and warnings from one certain committee member, Dr. Wenke Lee, who is a cyber security professor at GA Tech and was the only “computer person” on the committee. 🤔🐀

Then, come the first of January, Kemp had already started naming his appointees. Within DAYS, he had signed the deal with Dominion AND appointed former Rep. Chuck Harper to be his chief of staff. Former Rep. Harper worked for Election Systems & Software, the lobbyist group hired by — wait for it — Dominion Voting Systems Corporation.

Conflict of interest much?

It was reported that Brian Kemp literally told a state rep that the people of Georgia didn’t care about this election or integrity. He brazenly implied that we are ignorant and apathetic — that we are uneducated, can’t make a quality decision in an election, and therefore should not have the power to vote. In my opinion, Kemp really is an elitist who doesn’t deserve to be in office. His true conservative base are scratching their heads, wondering why he has “no backbone anymore.”

The answer is easy. Bureaucrats. They poison the well for everyone else when the spineless and power-hungry play into their hands. It’s David vs Goliath. What we are seeing is definitely an ordeal of Biblical proportions.

Meanwhile, there’s a ton of conspiracy theories out there, and I’m not confident which — if any of them are true. What I do know is that Joe Biden is a bureaucrat-controlled lifetime politician who has increased his personal portfolio exponentially higher than what it rightfully should’ve been as a legislator. He’s inarticulate, dishonest, and yes, possibly suffering from early Dementia. The biggest flag here is the bureaucrat-controlled part. He can be bought. He’s proven that. So he has no integrity and cannot be trusted not to eventually sell out the American people. And I personally think it’s happening right now before our eyes as globalists seek control.

The Fight for Democracy


Joy W. Fowler

November 12, 2020

1:00 PM

Did you know that state representatives can actually stand up to the Governor and fight for their constituents who put them into office? Representative Hinson Mosley did. He, a young Democrat, stood up to Zell Miller. Hinson earned Zell’s respect, and they ended up becoming dear friends. (You can read it in “God Knew” available at But this is not a book ad.)

Most Americans don’t even know who our state representatives are. I’ve been texting with mine. I believe my representative serves our district with pure motives and hears our voices.

Find the names of your state legislators on your voter page at Call them. Write them. Tweet them. Text them. Tell them that Georgia voters are NOT okay with allowing temporary Georgia residents to move into our state to swing the election for the interests of a select group. Regardless of political affiliation, no state should be governed by outside interests. If you’re red, you’re red, and if you’re blue, you’re blue. What if Georgia Republicans all showed up in a state with weak voting laws on Election Day and threw the vote? The nation would arise in an uproar. If you don’t take action, that’s what will happen in Georgia on January 5.

Read the DNC settlement agreement with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the attached photos from February 2020 which opens up the door for just this kind of special interest control.

Loeffler and Perdue say Raffensperger should resign. Is this lip service to throw off the scent of something bigger? Will Brian Kemp step up and do what’s right for Georgia? Is that not what we elected him to do? Or did we even rightfully elect him at all? I’m beginning to wonder.

Regardless, this issue is more than red vs. blue. This is right vs. wrong. This about integrity and transparency. Despite the popular narrative, THIS is actually voter suppression. Will those people who swoop in be around later to help us pay the bills, or will they have gone back home to their everyday lifestyles?

We the people are the only ones who can stand up to this — if we are indeed a democracy. If not, then maybe they’re right, and maybe we don’t need a voice. It’s up to you.


For the Love of Country


Joy Fowler


From Wikipedia:

Following the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe later that month, Brennan tweeted to Trump, “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but will not destroy America… America will triumph over you.”

You heard it here first. I absolutely believe they are trying to pressure Trump to concede for the love of country and to protect the innocence of the American people. You can quote me on that. Ostensibly, that’s a good reason — unless you’re caught with your pants down and just don’t want the personal consequences.

That’s like the little boy bully who hit his little sister telling his mom, “Mama, don’t spank me. You know Sissy starts crying when I get in trouble.” That’s about how foolish this is.

If we concede, they win. The bully will be appeased and stop the rioting and looting. For now. But how far will that little boy take it next time? Where do we draw the line?

If we don’t fight this voter fraud issue, we are acquiescing to big government’s belief that we are not capable of self-governing, and then we just need to surrender our freedoms. All of them. Because if we give up our vote, we give up our power. Our freedom. Our voice.

The tongue is as sharp as a two-edged sword, says the Bible. Those who scream the loudest and longest get the attention, and that is why the left has rallied a lie-filled battle cry to demand their way. They are doing it even now through the media. We are blasted with THEIR disinformation 24/7, and their voices are intent on drowning out ours. That’s partially because we don’t just scream and yell; we are the law-abiding, hardworking, taxpaying, God-family-and-Country Americans. We speak through our actions. And as we’ve all heard, actions are louder than words.

Our voice is heard — not through irrational screams and cries, but through a democratic process protected by our Constitution, allowing us to be heard through our freedom to VOTE. Voter fraud is akin to the irrational screams of the left, intended to drown us out. But this is not a yelling match; this is a sanctioned, sacred process, legally protected, and vital to the survival of this nation.

So we are faced with a choice: Do we keep the peace at any cost, and in so doing, sacrifice our freedom? Or do we stand up and exercise our right to speak, to vote, and to be represented fairly? And who will stand up with us?

I implore you to take a stand and speak up. For fair representation. For freedom. For the love of country.

The Swamp


Joy W. Fowler

November 8, 2020

We sent an outsider to DC to “drain the swamp.” Only thing is, none of us knew how deep the swamp actually was, what it actually looked like, or who was in it. What the outsider uncovered could blow up the country. There could be another revolution or civil war. At the very least, Americans would lose faith in our government. People would go to jail. (Even with the things I’ve been privy to, people should be in jail.) Trust me, those people want to avoid being exposed.

These are my theories: I believe this is part of the reason you aren’t seeing people you’d expect to see come out to defend Trump; they are part of the swamp, and their silence is deafening. Another part of that, in my opinion, is that those who know the fix is in and there was a sting operation are standing by, watching patiently. (Kind of gives new meaning to “Stand down and standby,” doesn’t it?) Some may have been given immunity for testimony. Again, this part is only my personal theory.

Consequently, the swamp has viciously turned on Trump. They’ve tried everything they know to discredit him in every way. Now they’re so desperate, they’re even turning on each other.

The main culprits are the Democrats. They’ve been practicing illegal voting for decades, and some have served jail time. However, some are in our GOP here in Georgia. I know of a couple specifically. Big money is behind it all.

The media is in on it. One of their main weapons is race baiting, which they play to the fullest.

I would guess that for the love of money and power, some who’ve known the truth have sat idly by and let it go. Others may have done the same for the love of country. They’ve spared America’s innocence, knowing that if the American people knew the depth of the deception, there would be outrage. We revolted once before over taxation without representation. The corrupt are counting on there not being enough patriots left for a revolution, and of course, if we are disarmed, then we have no means of self-protection. They have not been able to disarm us, however, and they don’t want us turning on them, so they have tried their hardest to turn us on one another. They fuel the fire to switch the narrative and confuse us as to who the real enemy is. They are masters of self-protection.

They knew they had to get in front of Justice Alito’s Friday ruling in Pennsylvania and try this case in the court of public opinion — and avoid going to jail for fraud and other things. The announcement of the computer error in Antrim County and it flipping for Trump won him Michigan — which the media refused to report. However, it got out through independent press, and we also know the software was used in the other swing states. They had to blow this up IMMEDIATELY. Consequently, they announced Biden as the winner early Saturday morning.

They are counting on their tried and true methods to work. They’ve always been able to fight because they dominated the system and controlled their network. But again, Trump was not part of their network. He had money and power already, apart from them, and had nothing to lose. He would not take their money. I believe this was as much a declaration of war as it was a depiction of honor. I believe he was making a clear line in the sand, as if to say, “You will not buy me, too.”

That is my hope for America. We need saving from ourselves and from this covert evil if we are to survive as a nation. My prayer is that if God wants to preserve America, that this evil and corruption will come to light, and that Americans’ eyes will be opened to see it all clearly.

In God we trust.


Joy W. Fowler

November 7, 2020

Can you imagine how Queen Esther must’ve felt? She risked her very life to share inside information that would help her people — information that people within her own government knew and hid to protect their own interests. If she told what she knew and wasn’t believed — or told it to the wrong person, she risked being killed. If she told and was believed, she risked blowing it all up. The whole kingdom could potentially collapse. Perhaps the entire population may have revolted if they found out what had really been going on behind the scenes. Either way, the trust of the people may never be the same. Knowledge is not only powerful; it is painful and demands responsibility. What a tremendous burden Esther carried with the knowledge she possessed. If you’ve ever carried a burden like Esther’s before, you can understand this and testify to how difficult it is to make a decision as to which hill you want to risk dying on. If you haven’t carried a burden like Esther’s, I invite you to open your heart to the idea that you may not have all the facts about everything you see or hear. I invite you to challenge your thinking and actively explore other possibilities outside of what you are being told — no matter how much you can’t imagine or don’t want them to be true. For those in positions of influence above me who know the truth, I urge you to step up for the rest of us and be an Esther. For such a time as this. 🤍

Do you see this post?

I have an honest question. If my mobile carrier can throttle my bandwidth when I use too much of my “unlimited” data (throttle = slow down the bandwidth), couldn’t Facebook also throttle certain posts to prevent them from being seen?

The answer is yes, they can. The technology exists. (See this ad article from 2018: Also toss in the idea that algorithms target users (watch “The Social Dilemma” available on Netflix), and there’s plenty of technology available to control who sees what information.

I’m not speaking of censorship, where posts “against community standards” are blocked. Everyone by now should know that’s a real thing. No; I’m asking specifically about throttling.

Why do I ask? There has been a stark decrease of Facebook activity on my recent posts. So I’m just curious.

Oh yeah, I just released a book and would greatly appreciate the support and encouragement of my genuine friends and family. Please help a sister tell an incredible story that’s timely — for such a time as this! Your likes on posts allow more people to see, increasing exposure. Your comments of encouragement are greatly appreciated, and your purchases help me work off the debt to the publisher (through a process called recoupment). Thanks so much for your kindness and support!

So do you see this post? Please let me know.

Here are some random pictures, just because…

Merry Second Day of Christmas!

Merry Second Day of Christmas!

I hope and pray you are still celebrating and did not follow the lead of retail by making Christmas morning and the gifts you received the pinnacle of your season. You see, the climactic moment of God’s design wasn’t when the Gift arrived; it was a quiet, silent, holy night in a barn. The climactic moment was when the wise men sought and found Him, bringing gifts for Him — when the brightest star anyone had ever seen lit the way for mankind to find their Savior.

This was God’s design from the beginning. It was all about Him coming to us so that we could come to Him. The gift He wants from you is your heart. Follow the lead of the star and seek the Christ-child. Keep celebrating, and keep seeking. For the believer, Christmas has only just begun!


Merry Christmas!

“Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.””

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭2:1-2‬ ‭ESV‬‬


Mama Joy talk here. Keeping it real. These are my original thoughts that I truly feel like the Lord inspired me to write down and share. It’s for Alex, Hope, Chris, for me, and for anyone else who needs encouragement.

Over the last few days, I’ve continually had this thought running through my mind. I thought, “Ooh, that’s good. I need to post that!” Then I’d chicken out and not post it. Finally, I decided to wrap my thoughts together and say what was on my heart. I shared the following on my Facebook page and almost immediately began to receive comments and messages from people saying this message was exactly what they needed to hear. I pray that you’ll be blessed by them, too…

Keep being great. Your natural abilities will create some haters in this life. Period. Those people may not understand you; they may dislike you; and depending on how inherently selfish they are, they may not respect you. Keep being great anyway. Do what you’re called to do. If you’re naturally gifted to do something, people who want what you have are coveting what God gave you. Their jealousy is not your fault; it’s just that even despite their very best efforts, they can’t create what was created in you. Your “great” makes their “good” look bad. Keep being great anyway. The gifting is for God’s glory — not your own. (Oh! They won’t get that either; they’ll judge you to make themselves feel better any way they can, and they’ll talk about you to others to try and make themselves look better. Keep being great anyway.❤️)

If you read this and wondered if it was about you, it wasn’t. The Lord just laid this on my heart over the last few days. If you thought it was about you, pray with me: “Lord, help me to always celebrate the skillful and wonderful creation you’ve created in others!” You’ll feel so much more JOY in your life!



Never Forget

Each year, this day brings a flood of memories and emotions. Chris was in class at BHS. Alex was still asleep. I was suspicious – but not yet certain that I was pregnant with Hope. I was up and eager to start the day’s lessons at home.

I had written my home school lesson plans days before. Sonlight’s K-2 curriculum had us studying the story of The Tower of Babel that day. I had manipulatives pulled to create towers out of blocks to allow my freshly five-year-old kindergarten son to act out the story of the falling tower. The learning space (kitchen table) was set up waiting for him to awaken. After what would ensue in the coming hours, I simply couldn’t do it.

It was around 9 when my phone rang. It was Chris. His voice wasn’t normal, nor was it normal for him to call me when he was supposed to be teaching. Something was very wrong. Somberly, he told me, “Turn on the TV and get Joan on the phone. You need to check on Al. Immediately.“

Joan is my first cousin, for whom I am named. She and Al Mangarelli are my second parents; I was their practice baby before they had children. They would become my godparents. I went on trips with their family, stayed with them when my own parents were away, and, since we all went to church together, went home to play dolls with their daughter Linda most every Sunday until 1987 when Al got transferred back home to New York. Al loved music and sang beautifully, and it was he who introduced me to old Chicago and Manilow. Together we sang duets at the top of our lungs. Almost weekly, we sang the entire score of “Annie” as Annie and Daddy Warbucks. Al hired my sister Susan when she entered the work force. When she married and moved to Queens, Al hired Susan again to work for him in the New York office. Chris knew when he married me that he had to love Joan and Al. Our first big vacation as a married couple was to go to New York to visit my Mangarelli family. I inherited my love for lap dogs, morning coffee, and cannolis from Joan and Al. I named my daughter after Joan’s mom, my Aunt Lillian, who, at age 13, cared for my own mother when she was a sickly child stricken with kidney disease. Yes, we are a close family. As the images filled the airwaves, Chris’s heart was ripping open, and he knew mine was about to, too.


Here, one of my big brothers is holding me as a newborn. Al is in the background. I’ve never not had Joan and Al in my life.

Joan, age 26, is holding me at a family dinner.

Sunday after church with Joan and Al, circa 1976

Here I am holding Linda shortly after she was born in 1977.

With my dad in the pulpit and Mom playing the organ for the service, I sat with Aunt Lillian every Sunday during church. Having just lost her husband the year before I was born, there was no mistaking; I was her girl, and she was my surrogate grandmother.

Me with Al, circa 1978

Me with Linda at Joan and Al’s house, circa 1978

Me with Linda celebrating a family birthday, circa 1979

All of us at the 1982 World’s Fair

Linda and me, early 1980s

Me holding Paul, circa 1983 at a family gathering

Family Christmas in New Jersey, 1987


The NY phone lines were all jammed, and all of my Georgia family were all calling one another for updates on Al, who worked as a VP of Marsh and McLennan with a corner office in the World Trade Center. South Tower. 2 WTC. 49th floor. Somehow, I finally got Linda on the phone and eventually spoke with Joan, too. Al was not at his office; Marsh had him flying out of Newark that morning on a business trip to their D.C. office. To think; he could’ve been in the airport at the same time as those on Flight 93 who terrorized our entire planet that day, and he was in D.C. – the other targeted location that day. Later, Paul drove down to D.C. to pick up his dad and, in the immediate aftermath, assisted in the cleanup efforts back up in NYC. As it all unfolded, we caught snapshots of the hell our beloved family was living and grieved – and rejoiced – at the same time.

Al lost many of his dear friends and coworkers that day. He would’ve retired the following March, but there was no office to go back to. Marsh and McLennan lost hundreds of employees that day. Real people with real lives were forever changed. Al’s was, and he wears it all to this day, sometimes barely able to speak of it. Through tears, he has told me that he believes God must have spared him that day for a reason, and he wants to carry out that purpose, whatever it is. What a lesson for us all.

Sometimes I may not speak of it either. Other times I may need to unload. But I can’t help but remember; it was far too personal. No, I’ll never forget.

September 11, 2001 (photo credit unknown)